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if you don’t think there needs to be better sex ed in school let me tell you that i almost slept with a guy from my health class until he took one look at my clit and said “ew why is your pee hole swollen like that? is that herpes?”

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Anonymous asked: I am so upset, I had a drink made at Starbucks and when they made it they showed it to me and from what I could see it looked good but I waited a bit and when the whip melted the drink was like an inch down from the rim! So they had filled it up with an inch of just whip cream and when I showed them this and explained it and asked for more milk they refused to do it and refused to remake it saying well I showed it to you before and its just fine, well I couldn't tell before that they used so muc

Iʼm assuming youʼre a friend who has heard about my work situation, and Spikeʼs being replaced with Starbucks.

But that is insane! I mean Whip is pretty voluminous and can melt down to a fraction of its original volume, but I never use more than 1/3” for whipped cream. Also Just another reason that Starbucks is just the worst. First, if any customer has a problem with their drink, just re-make it!! I would rather make a customer happy and apologize than argue with them and tell them theyʼre wrong. Customers wonʼt return with that kind of attitude. Second, thereʼs a lot that could be wrong with why they wouldnʼt just give you more milk in your drink. Either it shows how Starbucks isnʼt a real coffee shop because they donʼt have any extra steamed milk, which happens all the time, or it just shows how lazy they are as an employee. They werenʼt willing to simply steam up 2 ounces more of milk for you? Thatʼs crazy. Again, if a customer is unhappy with their drink, remaking it becomes my first priority. 

Either way, if you are referring to Spikeʼs, it is ridiculous. Nobody will get the service Elizabeth and I provide.

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God Hates Alaska Native Culture says WBC

Fred Phelps, the founder of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas is dead and gone, but the institution of intolerance and hatred is still on the march, and headed to Alaska. WBC has a long history of organizing anti-gay protests, and picketing military and other funerals with crude and offensive signs.

Now, Westboro Baptist Church has announced plans to picket the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage on the morning of June 1. Why, you ask?

A news release posted on, replete with Bible quotations, states two reasons for protesting the Alaska Heritage Center.

“…you make a religion out of the pagan idolatrous practices of past generations. There is nothing appealing or holy about the “heritage” of the eleven “distinct cultures” or “diverse population” of Alaska. They walked in darkness and served idols of every kind, contrary to the direct commandment to have no gods before God.

“… you fail to give God the glory, instead of the traditions and gods of the past… Stop worshiping dead cultures, man-made idols, and the sinful traditions of past generations. Put the resources into teaching and learning the Bible instead, and warning your neighbor to stop sinning before it’s too late, and he’s sinned away the last day of grace.”

Representatives of the Westboro Baptist Church came to Anchorage in 2003 to protest the city’s gay pride events. They also threatened to picket Ted Stevens’ funeral in 2010 for his long career as a federal lawmaker and supporting a government which Phelps called, “a corrupt cesspool of idolatry,” but protesters never showed up.

It’s not too late to save Alaska, WBC assures us. “God hasn’t completely destroyed Alaska yet, so there is time to repent of this idolatry; not memorialize and worship it.”

If WBC follows through with the threat of protest, there will undoubtedly be counter-protests by LGBT groups, veterans groups, Alaska Native organizations, and decent human beings of all stripes who will not tolerate this 

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